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WheelTug Computer Based Training (CBT)

WheelTug plc are the developers of an innovative electric taxi system that enables aircraft to taxi forward and backward using electric motors integrated in the nose wheels. The system is currently in the certification process and expected to enter service for Boeing 737NG aircraft in 2019. Other airframes will follow.

The CBT site you are about to explore will provide you with an introduction to the WheelTug® system. It is not designed to replace formal operating and training manuals, which WheelTug will provide to fleet operators upon certification. Instead, it is a modern tool that allows pilots and other personnel to learn about the following WheelTug topics online:

Our e-learning site is designed to be self-explanatory, but we welcome your comments/questions – please send feedback to file@wheeltug.com.

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How to use these pages slide number category
How to use these pages 1/72 L
Overview slide number category
Overview 2/72 L
WheelTug Simulator 3/72 L
WheelTug in 80 Seconds 4/72 L
WheelTug Options 5/72 L
Summary of Use case 6/72 L
Basic Use case 7/72 L
Standard operating conditions 8/72 L
System is not certified for active runway crossing 9/72 N
Extreme weather conditions 10/72 N
Aircraft can always use legacy pushback 11/72 N
Ambient temperature below -40°C 12/72 N
WheelTug is an MMEL exempt item 13/72 L
Pushback and delay 14/72 L
Standard WheelTug Maneuver 15/72 L
Twist 16/72 L
Hybrid taxi 17/72 L
WheelTug System Components slide number category
WheelTug System Components 18/72 M
Components in airplane 19/72 L
Cockpit Control Panel slide number category
Cockpit Control Panel 20/72 L
Cockpit Control Panel 21/72 L
CCP Overview 22/72 L
Power Switch slide number category
Power Switch 23/72 L
Power Switch 24/72 M
Built-in test 25/72 M
Power Switch on light 26/72 M
Built-in test fails 27/72 N
Ground System 28/72 M
Power Switch OFF during flight 29/72 M
Backlighting slide number category
Backlighting 30/72 L
Backlighting 31/72 M
FWD - Thumbwheel slide number category
FWD - Thumbwheel 32/72 L
FWD - Thumbwheel 33/72 M
REVERSE Button slide number category
REVERSE Button 34/72 L
REV Button 35/72 M
Reverse Button flashing 36/72 N
Active slide number category
Active 37/72 L
Active Light solid 38/72 M
Active Light flashing 39/72 N
WRONG DIRECTION - Foreward 40/72 N
WRONG DIRECTION - Reverse 41/72 N
WRONG DIRECTION - High speed 42/72 N
Gear oil undertemp 43/72 N
OPS Limit slide number category
OPS Limit 44/72 L
OPS Limit 45/72 N
Check OPS Limit 47/72 N
Card Slot slide number category
Card Slot 48/72 L
Card Slot 49/72 M
WheelTug Wiring slide number category
WheelTug Wiring 50/72 L
Electronics E-E bay 51/72 L
APU Generator 52/72 L
Electrically powered system 53/72 L
Wheel and Drivetrain slide number category
Wheel and Drivetrain 55/72 L
Wheelcover lighting 56/72 L
Wheel and Drivetrain connection 57/72 L
Important note 58/72 L
WheelTug Non-normal Operations slide number category
WheelTug Non-normal Operations 59/72 N
WheelTug is MMEL exempt 60/72 N
Review all In-op cases 61/72 N
WheelTug WheelBack maneuver 63/72 L
Wiggle doesn‘t help 64/72 N
Operation with non-WheelTug wheel 66/72 N
WheelTug Vision slide number category
WheelTug Vision 67/72 L
WheelTug Guide slide number category
WheelTug Guide 68/72 L
Credits slide number category
Credits 69/72
Credits 70/72
WT SIM Beta 1.0 71/72
!!!! STRÁNKA NAVÍC 72/72