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How to use these pages 1/60 L
Overview slide number category
Overview 2/60 L
WheelTug in 80 Seconds 3/60 L
Summary of Use case 4/60 L
Basic Use case 5/60 L
Standard operating conditions 6/60 L
System is not certified for active runway crossing 7/60 N
Extreme weather conditions 8/60 N
Aircraft can always use legacy pushback 9/60 N
WheelTug is an MMEL exempt item 10/60 L
Pushback and delay 11/60 L
Standard WheelTug Maneuver 12/60 L
Twist 13/60 L
Hybrid taxi 14/60 L
WheelTug System Components slide number category
WheelTug System Components 15/60 M
Components in airplane 16/60 L
Cockpit Control Panel slide number category
Cockpit Control Panel 17/60 L
Cockpit Control Panel 18/60 L
CCP Overview 19/60 L
Power Switch slide number category
Power Switch 20/60 L
Power Switch 21/60 M
Built-in test 22/60 M
Power Switch on light 23/60 M
Built-in test fails 24/60 N
Power Switch OFF during flight 25/60 M
Backlighting slide number category
Backlighting 26/60 L
Backlighting 27/60 M
FWD - Thumbwheel slide number category
FWD - Thumbwheel 28/60 L
FWD - Thumbwheel 29/60 M
REVERSE Button slide number category
REVERSE Button 30/60 L
REV Button 31/60 M
Reverse Button flashing 32/60 N
Active slide number category
Active 33/60 L
Active Light solid 34/60 M
Active Light flashing 35/60 N
WRONG DIRECTION - Foreward 36/60 N
WRONG DIRECTION - Reverse 37/60 N
WRONG DIRECTION - High speed 38/60 N
Gear oil undertemp 39/60 N
OPS Limit slide number category
OPS Limit 40/60 L
OPS Limit 41/60 N
Check OPS Limit 43/60 N
Card Slot slide number category
Card Slot 44/60 L
Card Slot 45/60 M
WheelTug Wiring slide number category
WheelTug Wiring 46/60 L
Electronics E-E bay 47/60 L
APU Generator 48/60 L
Electrically powered system 49/60 L
Wheel and Drivetrain slide number category
Wheel and Drivetrain 51/60 L
Wheelcover lighting 52/60 L
Wheel and Drivetrain connection 53/60 L
Important note 54/60 L
WheelTug Non-normal Operations slide number category
WheelTug Non-normal Operations 55/60 N
WheelTug Vision slide number category
WheelTug Vision 56/60 L
WheelTug Guide slide number category
WheelTug Guide 57/60 L
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Credits 58/60
Credits 59/60
WT SIM Beta 1.0 60/60